How to Become a Better Karate Fighter

Go Where The Puck Will Be

Instead of pointing where your opponent is, where will target your opponent.

That’s why the first thing you should do is to watch a fight.

Do not just start fighting without thinking. Make an effort to observe the rhythm, movements and habits of his opponent.

Relative, not absolute speed

A key to being a ninja is speed.

You can not defend against something that can not be seen.


There is something more important than speed.

Gear switch.

In other words, focus on the relative speed – speed is not absolute.

If you have a constant speed in kumite, your opponent learns to read (even if you are quick). A pace that makes predictable and easy to hit.

The key switches between fast and slow.

Learn to play with technical rhythm, tempo and timing.

It has not always faster than your opponent. But you need to change your best speed.

The acceleration and deceleration.

The yin and yang.